CCM Philosophy

There are a number of common questions that people have when considering coming to counseling.  Some of them are answered below.

The most common question is, "What is the cost?"

The fee for a Licensed Professional Counselor is  $100 for a 50 minute session; for a Licensed Professional Counseling Intern the fee is $75.  The fee for meeting with a Practicum Student is $50 per session.  (LPC Interns and Practicum Students meet on a weekly basis with their LPC Supervisor to discuss the counseling situations with which they are working.)

Do you accept insurance?

The simple answer is, "No".  However, we offer scholarships through your church.  Here is how it works:  If you pay for the first two sessions, and your church agrees to pay for your third session, your counselor will donate the fourth session.  (Your church representative simply needs to contact our office and let us know that they are willing to participate; we will then bill them after the third session.)

How many sessions will be needed?

There is no definitive answer to this question because there are many variables.  Your counselor can usually give you an "educated guess" on the number of sessions needed after the first few meetings.

Do you counsel children?

Yes.  However, if the child is under 18, we meet with the parent(s) first.  We then ask that sessions two and three be held with the child/teen; in the fourth session, we meet with the parent(s) and the child/teen together.

Do you have evening and weekend hours available?

Yes, there are evening hours available.  However, we currently do not have weekend appointments available.

How far out before I could get an appointment?

We are usually able to accommodate new counselees within a few days, especially during the daytime hours. 

What are your counselors' credentials?

All of our counselors hold Master's degrees in counseling.  The difference between a "Licensed Professional Counselor" and a "Licensed Professional Counseling Intern" is that the fully licensed person has completed all of the counseling hours required by the state of Texas.  An intern is still in the process of completing the required hours.

Do you use the Bible?

Yes.  Our counselors are not just "Christians who counsel", your counselor is committed to the authority and sufficiency of Scripture.  Therefore, all of the counseling will be rooted in Scripture.

Please call the office if there are other concerns you might have about our approach to counseling.